bring the magic of interactive information to your attraction

Zoo Systems uses touch-screen technology to provide an interactive visitor display system - both indoors and outdoors.

Visitors simply touch a display screen to see everything from species information to quizzes, games, directions and promotional messages. The easy to use system includes a whole range of different media too. As well as text and graphics, movies and animations can be built into your information system.

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To make your attraction even more popular with a key audience -
children, their teachers and parents - the system can be configured to
comply with key stage curriculum requirements. You can even customise
the system to tie in with school visits or projects.

interactive information that keeps you in touch

Keeping your information display systems up-to-date and accurate used to be a time consuming and expensive affair. Zoo Systems makes the whole job easier than you ever thought possible.

Designed specifically for zoos and animal attractions, Zoo Systems replaces static signs with interactive touch-screens. Visitors touch a display screen to see species descriptions written by experts, maps, guides and a whole range of other information.  All customised to meet the needs of your specific attraction.
designed to help you to attract
your visitors back... again and again!

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