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As well as providing information for visitors, Zoo Systems software helps you to manage your exhibits. From the management PC, staff have access to a comprehensive inventory and data logging system which conforms to the requirements of all the regulatory bodies for best practices. Stock and movements reports, trend analyses of environmental variables and display performance statistics are available at the press of a button.

Quite simply, Zoo Systems represents a huge advance in zoo and animal attraction information and management systems. To see how Zoo Systems could benefit you in detail, please Contact Us
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The Species Information Packs featured by Zoo Systems are all written by acknowledged authorities in the field. As well as animal information, Zoo Systems software makes it easy for you include or update your own information, such as;
  • Exhibit details
  • Event timetables
  • Guides and maps
  • Sales promotions
  • Multimedia presentations
  • Movies
  • Webcam feeds
  • Emergency exit details
....and more, all easily updated at the touch of a button!

The latest version of TDS allows us to totally customise the display system to your attraction, so whether you are an animal park, historic house, museum, aquarium or local amenity we can provide you with ‘the right touch’.

NEW from ZooSystems: animal inventory management software (INV)...

Zoo Systems’ latest development (INV) is a comprehensive animal inventory managements system that extends the functionality of the MIS software (outlined below) by incorporating:

  • Drug and consumable stock control
  • Supplier and customer information, with sales and purchase orders, delivery notes
  • Keeper scheduling (in conjunction with qualifications)
  • Measurement statistics and comprehensive graphical trend analysis
  • Extensive treatment reporting, including assessments, medication schedules, treatment plans, outcome analysis, etc.
  • In addition, the taxonomy, species and specimen handling software has been improved.



the touchscreen display software (TDS)...

Runs on each of the touchscreen display computers and is capable of displaying a wide variety of information.
When used in the animal exhibit applications, this information includes:

  • General species info (overview)
  • Characteristics (lifespan, reproduction, weight, diet etc.)
  • Classification (phylum, group, class, order, family, etc)
  • Status (population, redlist/cites status, etc.)
  • Photographs
  • Location info (maps, descriptions)
  • Movie clips
  • Quizzes

Additionally the display software is able to function as a messaging system allowing you to remind users of key events taking place during the day, or to give instructions should an emergency arise.
This is also reinforced by a timetable feature and a site map.



the management information software (MIS)...

is used to manage the content, features and options for the information distributed to each of the touchscreen systems on your network. Information can be updated and simply transferred to the remote display systems at the press of a key.

Information is distributed in 'Software Information Packs' (SIP). When these packs are 'plugged-in' to the management system the new species data in the MIS library, this can then be allocated to a touchscreen system, or customised by changing text, images, movies, quizzes to form your own 'My Data' library.

The MIS also allows you to manage your events, messages, timetable and map features.


For animal exhibits our MIS system also incorporporates a comprehensive Inventory Control System covering; Identification, Lineage, Finance, Event Records, Mating Records, Treatment Records and Husbandry. Environmental Variables such as temperature can also be recorded and analysed.


a world-class library of 'species information packs' (SIP's)
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We've recruited acknowledged experts in their field to check and validate all of the species information featured in Zoo Systems.

Herpetologist Mark O'Shea, for example, checks the accuracy of all our reptile and amphibian information. So, whether you are introducing a new specimen or changing a display, you can always be sure that your visitors are seeing the most up-to-date and authoritative information.
Zoo Systems software is purpose-designed for zoos and animal attractions. So, the management tools it provides help you to meet standards such as those set by the Zoo Federation and the European Zoos Directive.

The kiosks themselves are built to meet strict Health & Safety and Disability Act requirements.

Mark O’Shea